Explore a holistic integrated frawework for understanding social media reactions during emergencies

Empower security and emergency agencies to fully leverage social media in their operations

Validate SUPER technologies for diverse scenarios


SUPER Technologies

Event Detection via Twitter

Automatically monitor reports and discussions made on social media with the aim of identifying new emergency events.

Sentiment tracking

Gauges the sentiment polarity that is expressed in posts published by social network users. The sentiment dispositions can be positive, negative or neutral

Discussion Thread Extraction

Monitors Twitter streams for relevant information for an event and reconstructs distinct threads of discussion that represent hot topics, which can then be visualised for the end user

Rumours, Doubt and Credibility Classification

A suite of tools for the automatic classification of social media content with the aim of identifing rumours and estimating credibility.


The +Spaces platform can be used for deploying public surveys related to emergency event policies. It provides the capability to the end users to carry out experiments in social networks using crowdsourcing approaches.

Community Identification

Community Identification (CI) is the process of detecting communities before, during and after an emergency event take place. The communities can be formed by the interactions between the users or be predefined such as volunteers, transport, media, etc.

Event Finding on Facebook with Virtual Spaces

Real-time monitoring of Facebook pages and groups. Detection of events that are shared on these channels and visualization of their meta-information (e.g. date, title, etc).

Real-time Summarization

Real-time summarization analyses a stream of social media posts and uses the language contained to select a sub-set of those posts to send as notifications to the user

Integrated Search

Core search functionality of the SUPER architecture for the end user proviiding real-time indexing capabilities for different types of social media content, and retrieval models designed for that content.

Messaging Service

A service that allows command and control centre opperators to send direct messages from SUPER COP to indivuals or groups of individuals via social networks. In SUPER, in-built support for Twitter group messaging is supported.

Behavioral Analysis

A language independent component to analyse the behavior of users based on the messages they published during a SUPER event.

Intelligent Fusion and Reasoning

Intelligent Fusion and Reasoning (IFR) aggregates, fusions, and processes the outcomes of other social sensors of the SUPER platform in order to provide a cohesive presentation of the retrieved posts and reason them.
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